Community Hospital

John Doe Vs. Doe Community Hospital: $2,500,000.00

Auto Defect

Soule vs. General Motors Corporation: $1,650,000

Oral Contract

Lutfi v. Kabbani Shareholder Dispute: Interest plus $397,400



Sandy Phan

Best people! Changed my life and fought for me when no one else would! ~ Sandy Phan Via Google

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Vincenzo Bacarella

Frank Barbaro and his staff are the most experienced, professional, and trust worthy group of attorneys that can handle the biggest and most complicated cases that exist!!! They handled my cases with EXCELLENT RESULTS and kept me well informed during the years of work on my cases and always with my best interest in mind.

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Ray K.

I just wanted to say Frank and his amazing staff have helped me out and my family so much over the last three years with legal issues that I can’t believe I was so lucky to find a compassionate, brilliant, caring, professional and charming person to trust my life with. He and the office have

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