Dogs make wonderful companions, pets, and friends. Dogs can also be very dangerous. Even small dogs can pack a powerful bite and have sharp claws. Every dog can be dangerous, even those that are very well trained or normally docile. When dogs get aggressive and attack their victims may receive bites, scratches, bruising, broken bones, or worse. It’s not unheard of for attacking dogs to remove fingers, blind their victims, and in rare instances kill their victims.

Dog Attack Law

California has some very clear laws enacted that protect victims of dog attacks. The law unmistakably states that owners and keepers of dogs are liable for any and all damages that occur as a result of a dog attack. This includes injuries that are incurred both in public and in private, even on or in the dog owners/keeprs property. The law also states that if victims can prove a dog behaved viciously then they do not need to prove negligence. Even owners and keepers of dogs who have no prior history of attack or aggression remain liable. Provoked dogs however are protected and trespassers have no case against aggressive dogs.

The Cost And Effects Of Dog Attacks

The victim of a dog attack may be scratched, bit, lose appendages, lose their sight, face long lasting psychological trauma, or even lose their life. Surviving family can file a wrongful death lawsuit against dog keepers and/or owners while those who are injured in any way may pursue legal action and seek compensation. Injuries sustained during a dog attack can be long lasting and result in pricey medical bills, rehabilitation costs, loss of employment or time away from work, psychiatric care, and in extreme cases funeral costs. Victims may also be forced to contend with a number of inconveniences as well as pain and suffering.

Hiring An Attorney

Victims of dog attacks will need to hire a lawyer if they wish to pursue litigation or hold keepers and owners accountable for the actions of their animal. Undoubtedly victims may be angry and feel a sense of urgency when they decide to litigate. It behooves individuals however to avoid rushing and hiring the first attorney they find or speak with because doing so can be detrimental to their case. Researching attorneys online and even consulting with those of interest can yield a great deal of information about their experience and success in handling dog attack lawsuits.