Julia DeClark

Julia A. DeClark focuses her practice in the areas of personal injury and medical malpractice.  Her background and experience have given her exceptional insight into various avenues of Civil Law and made her a driving force in the field. She has now taken over ownership of the The Law Offices of Frank P. Barbaro, APC. She works every day to maintain the same level of integrity, compassion, and passion for the advocacy of clients; that Frank instilled in her and everyone years ago.

Julia A. DeClark started her legal career after graduating from Southern California College of Business in 1991.  After graduation, she went work as a paralegal and became the senior paralegal to Frank P. Barbaro.  Since 1996, Julia A. DeClark has been an integral part of Frank Barbaro Law and quickly became a driving force behind the success of the firm. 

In her time as a paralegal she served as second chair in over 50 trials, binding arbitrations, and mediations.  She has assisted in many cases, organized the preparation of all pre-trial documents, pre-trial motions, oppositions and briefs.  She consistently attended medical examinations with clients and provided assistance to them in all aspects of the process.  She also supervised all support staff in the office and managed the firm’s workflow, as well as the marketing and advertising.  

In 2018, she began law school at Trinity College of Law and obtained her law degree in 2021 while maintaining her position with the Law Offices of Frank P. Barbaro, APC. After successfully passing the California Bar examination, she took over the firm per Frank’s wishes. Feel free to contact Julia at jdeclark@frankbarbarolaw.com.