Unfortunately, many businesses often times face litigation. Legal disputes as they pertain to businesses can be wide ranging, costly, and in many scenarios impossible to plan for or anticipate. In turn, litigation has the potential to adversely affect a company’s performance and/or profit margins. However, having an experienced attorney that specializes in business litigation can drastically alleviate the potential pitfalls of a legal dispute.

Our firm handles a full range of business disputes, including:

  • Corporate, partnership or ownership disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Shareholder disputes

With a proven track record of helping business owners overcome various types of legal disputes, we understand that business owners should be spending their time and energy running their businesses and spending the least amount of time possible in court.

The term “business litigation” entails many different scenarios, which demand individual explanation. Perhaps the most common forms of business litigation include breach of contract, employment disputes, and partner disputes. A breach of contract occurs when two parties sign a contract in which they agree to fulfill certain obligations, and one of the parties fails to meet the terms of the agreement. In order for a plaintiff to successfully file a breach of contract claim, the contract must still be valid and the plaintiff must prove that he/she fulfilled their obligation while the defendant did not. It is also possible for breaches of contract to be partial, though partial breaches do not always absolve the plaintiff from their initial contractual obligations.

Employment disputes concern employees of companies that might feel as if they have been harassed or treated unfairly. Common examples of employment disputes might consist of an employee who feels that they are not being promoted due to their race or gender, or even employees who feel that they do not receive adequate benefits such as healthcare or family leave.

Finally, partner and/or shareholder disagreements can potentially lead to litigation. Partners of a company may have conflicting visions of how their company is to be run or the direction of the company’s future. While it might sound unlikely, it is not uncommon for these types of disputes to quickly escalate into lawsuits. It is therefore critical to have an experienced legal team in your corner that will put your business’ best interests first when faced with potential litigation.

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