Product Liability

There is often some type of excitement attached to a purchase, even when that purchase is one of necessity rather frivolity. Purchases may be large or small, expensive or inexpensive, but regardless a consumer will want their purchase to not only work when they get it home but continue working for some time. They’ll also want their purchases to operate safely. This is true of new automobile purchases, bicycle purchases, and even electronic purchases. There exists something called product liability that essentially holds manufacturers liable for their products. This law exists to protect consumers from faulty or defective products as well as products that are potentially unsafe.

Protecting Yourself

Although product liability exists to protect consumers to a large degree, consumers must protect themselves from both defective products and the corporations responsible for those products. When defective products cause injury and/or death large corporations with high paid legal teams and big insurance companies will often go to great lengths to intimidate consumers. These entities want nothing more than to frighten consumers into going away and forgoing litigation. The best way consumers can protect themselves against bullying is to hire an attorney who has experience in dealing with product liability litigation. Consumers that hire an attorney always have greater success in dealing with culpable parties then do those that do not.

Wrongful Death Litigation

Although injuries are far more common than deaths when dealing with defective products accidental deaths do occur. Surviving family may wish to hold those responsible for the death of their loved one accountable. In such scenarios hiring an attorney is the best course of action. An attorney will not only understand the laws surrounding wrongful death and product liability but will also stop the bullying that often comes from rival attorneys, insurance companies, manufacturers, and even stores that sold a defective and dangerous product. A successful wrongful death lawsuit can result in compensation for surviving family members and give them the justice they seek.

Who Is Liable?

Consumers may be unsure of who is culpable in a product liability lawsuit. This can lead to hesitation on the part of the victim which in turn hurts their case. When the victim of faulty, dangerous, or negligent products causes bodily harm or death it’s imperative that an individual act quickly. The following persons and entities can be held accountable for damages.

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Suppliers
  • Retail stores/chains
  • Anyone whom makes products available to the public.

Whether you didn’t get exactly what was advertised or a product caused damages, injuries, or death, consumers have rights and are entitled to fair compensation.


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