OCSC Case No.: 30-2015-00780635

This was an auto accident case that included injury and resulted in trial. This case resulted in a jury verdict in favor of our client (Linda) in the amount of $31,000 as well as $11,028.22 in cost and interest.  Total recovery amount was $42,028.22.

On a summer day in 2014, Linda was safely and reasonably driving through the city of Fullerton.  As she approached an intersection she was struck by Ms. Singco who was negligently attempting to make a left turn in front Linda.  As a result of the auto accident, Linda’s car was rendered a complete and total loss and Linda herself sustained injuries.  Her medical bills from the accident totaled $6,658.00.

After a year and a half of settlement negotiations, Ms. Singco’s insurance provider (a large reputable national insurance company) made a final offer of a mere $9,590.  This was of course unacceptable and in response our firm decided to go to trial.  We were successful and on April 7th, 2016 Linda Nguyen was awarded the sum mentioned above, a sum more than triple that of the insurance company’s final settlement offer.

While going to trial is not always a recommended option, in this case the settlement offered was simply unacceptable.  Our first and only priority is to make sure our clients are adequately compensated after sustaining loss and injury due to the negligent actions of another.