Air travel is one of the safest ways to get around. That doesn’t mean however that traveling in airplanes isn’t dangerous to some degree. All modes of transportation carry with them a certain acceptable level of risk. Accidents occur from time to time and can have serious impacts on the lives of victims. Aviation accidents, though less frequent than auto accidents, do occur and throw victims lives into chaos. There is of course medical costs and care to content with, lost wages, physically debilitation, and even death, and the lingering pain and suffering all of the aforementioned can cause.

Considering Litigation?

While victims of aviation accidents may be too preoccupied to give much thought to litigation it behooves all those affected by such accidents to remember that in many scenarios individuals and/or companies can be held liable and responsible for these types accidents. Pursuing a lawsuit against airlines, pilots, maintenance firms, employees, airports, cities and/or counties, and even intimidating insurance companies can be an effective way of ensuring those responsible for aviation accidents face the justice they deserve. Financial compensation can also help alleviate the pain and suffering by caused by lose of employment, overbearing medical bills, as well as harassment at the hands of insurance companies or attorneys.

Frank P. Barbaro & Associates represents many different types of aviation accident victims. These include:

  • Airline pilots
  • Victims of airplane crashes
  • Airline/airport employees
  • Surviving family pursuing a wrongful death case
  • Persons involved in both commercial and private airplane incidents
  • Victims of faulty maintenance and repair
  • Victims of audacious and negligent behavior
  • …and many more.

The Best Legal Team In The Business

Filing and pursuing a lawsuit can be an intimidating process, especially when you’re dealing with all of the trauma that often follows an airplane or aviation accident. Victims are going to want solid, experienced, and accessible legal representation before moving forward with a case. Frank P. Barbaro & Associates is exactly the legal firm you need. Its legal team is confident, well versed, and experienced in all things related to aviation accidents. They are also unwavering and confident in the face of intimidating attorneys, insurance companies, and airlines. They can help you get financial compensation for all of your troubles and help you find the peace of mind you need to move on with your life.