Boating Accidents

In the United States alone there are literally hundreds of people killed and thousands more injured each year in boating accidents. Moreover the vast majority of these accidents are preventable and the result of reckless or negligent behavior, sub par maintenance, and sometimes involve business proprietors, caretakers, and employees working at boating locations. Victims of boating accidents may find themselves lost, fearful of threatening insurance companies, or overwhelmed by health issues and related financial detriments.

Your Right To Compensation And Justice

Whether you’ve been injured in a boating accident or wish to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit you’ll need an excellent legal team to represent you both in court and when dealing with unscrupulous individuals and companies whom seek to frighten you into going away quietly. Frank P. Barbaro & Associates works tirelessly for victims of boating accidents and does so with stanch confidence and decades of experience at its back. The legal firm can help persons whose injury or death resulted from:

  • Negligence and/or error
  • Intoxicated boat operation
  • Faulty boating equipment
  • Mechanical failure
  • Capsized boats
  • Falling overboard
  • Boating fires
  • Onboard explosions
  • Swimming accidents
  • Injuries resulting from propellers

Boats And Severity

You may believe that the type of boat your where injured on or by is to small or that your injury isn’t severe enough to justify litigation. In most scenarios you would be wrong. The law protects victims of boating accidents against persons and companies who attempt to feign responsibility and those that seek to intimidate the little guy regardless of boat size or injury severity. While the law is most certainly protects victims of boating accidents only a solid legal team can ensure that culpable individuals and companies are held up to those laws. Frank P. Barbaro & Associates is the legal firm you want to have representing you regardless of the type of boat involved or the severity of the damages you’ve incurred.


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