Defective Seat Belt

Seat belts are things of wonder. They can keep motorists and their passengers from incurring injury in the event of an accident and can prevent death as well. While it is rare, seatbelts sometimes fail. When seatbelts fail they can cause injury, both temporary and permanent, maim, and even cause death. Victims of seat belt failure often deal with overbearing medical costs, loss of work/wages, are unable to pay their bills, experience psychological trauma, and an overall decline in quality of life. Although victims of seatbelt failures may not be aware of the legal recourse they have, the law is on the side of victims and can be used to bring culpable parties to justice, fend off rapacious and intimidating insurance companies, and get financial reparations.

Who Can File Lawsuits?

Virtually anyone injured because of a faulty seatbelt can bring about litigation. There are many different types of seatbelt failures and a wide variety of injuries that result from these failures. Any person whose has been injured because their seatbelt unlocked can pursue a lawsuit as can individuals who’ve been hurt due to false latching. Persons who’ve sustained injury as the result of a seatbelt that tore or ripped during an accident also have a legitimate reason to file a lawsuit. People may also be victims of seat belts that slack rather than lock during an accident, faulty seat belt design or construction, and even lap only seat belts. Whether an individual believes his/her incident or injuries are minor or major, litigation remains an effective tool in bringing people responsible for injuries and death to justice. Lawsuits dealing with seatbelt failures can also award victims compensation and give them peace of mind as well.

What Constitutes As Seat belt Failure?

While the law is fairly clear about the definition of seat belt failure, insurance companies, vehicle manufactures, and maintenance/repair persons may often attempt to redefine the law. Seat belt failure includes:

  • Multiple passengers/riders incur injuries in an accident.
  • An injured and unbelted individual claims they where wearing their seat belt prior to an accident.
  • Persons wearing seat belts make contact with windshields, windows, or are ejected from a vehicle during an accident.
  • Belted passengers sustain serious injury while their vehicle does not.
  • Seat belts that are found torn or ripped after an accident.

It behooves victims of seat belt failure to remember what seat belt failure is and isn’t. When they find themselves in doubt it’s best to consult with an attorney.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Sometimes seatbelt failures don’t injure people, they end their lives. In these scenarios surviving loved ones and caregivers can file a wrongful death lawsuit against all responsible parties. A successful wrongful death lawsuit can not only bring people and companies responsible for a death to justice but they can also recoup medical and funeral costs as well as compensate families for their pain and suffering. Moreover a wrongful death lawsuit can help families find the closure they need to move on.

Working With The Best

Victims of seat belt failures and their families will undoubtedly need to have not just a competent attorney working for them but one whom possesses decades of experience in handling this type of litigation. An attorney who understands laws related to seatbelt failures and can navigate through them will have no problem securing the justice and compensation victims need. Lawsuits involving injury and death will also require an attorney that works with compassion and remains steadfast in the face of intimidation.


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