There are many different types of vehicular litigation. Vehicular litigation can include the likes of standard automobiles, trucks of all sizes, and of course motorcycles. In less frequent but still common cases litigation can also involve things like mopeds, scooters, even bicycles. Vehicular litigation deals mostly with liability and may involve supplies and parts for vehicles, manufactures of vehicles, sales lots, specific individuals, and of course issues with vehicles themselves. In some cases legal action may be taken against local governments by individuals who wish to contest the design and safety of roadways. While vehicular litigation is often brought about by individuals there are times where litigation involves large parties or even class-action lawsuits.

Accountability & Responsibility Sheet

Any individual who operates a truck in California must do so with great care. Any harm or damage that is done to property or persons must be paid out by the negligent party. Individuals may bring a lawsuit against truck drivers that have injured pedestrians on the sidewalk, caused injury or harm to persons in an automobile, and other truck drivers whom incurred harm and damages as a result of a coworker’s negligence. Although many accidents involving trucks are a result of haphazard operation or imprudent behavior, there are instances where truck accidents are caused by other factors. Chief among these instances are defects. Be it negligence on the part of the company that owns a truck, time, weather, or even ineffective construction, defects in trucks are commonplace. Another common cause of litigation is faulty repair or maintenance. Companies and/or individuals tasked with keeping trucks in good working order are culpable and legally responsible when problems arise as a result of their subpar work. Morosely one of the more common reasons legal action is taken against trucking companies and its drivers is driving while intoxicated. Although one may find it difficult to believe a truck driver would attempt to work while intoxicated it’s a more common occurrence than we all wish it were. Any truck driver and the company he/she represents is liable for damages and harm caused by the irresponsible intoxicated operation of a vehicle.

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